Welcome to the Springfield-Annandale, VA Branch of AAUW!

Springfield/Annandale is a Five  Star Branch.

AAUW’s Five Star Program challenges branches to align their practices with AAUW’s Strategic Plan and other initiatives to carry out the Mission Statement. Springfield/Annandale branch has just earned our fifth star. Branch activities are required in the areas of Public Policy and Research, Advancement,   Communications and External Relations,  Governance and Sustainability,  and Programs. To see the succession plan developed to keep the branch thriving and the strategic plan which expresses our priorities, which earned the Governance and Sustainability star, click on the “About Us Page” of this website. Special thanks are due to Susan Burk for all  her work on Public Policy,  to Irene McGhee and Ann Sauberman for their excellent Programs, and to all the Board for their input.  

AAUW Mission Statement

To advance gender equity for women and girls through research, education and advocacy. Vision: Equity for all. Values: Non-partisan. Fact based.

AAUW Diversity Statement

In principle and in practice, AAUW values and seeks an inclusive membership, workforce, leadership team, and board of directors. There shall be no barriers to full participation in this organization on the basis of age, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, geographical location, national origin, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.


General Meeting June 17, 2021 at 7 pm on Zoom

We are pleased to announce our program for June: A Time to Reflect on our Branch’s achievements. The Program Committee decided to celebrate two very important projects that our branch has accomplished in 2020-2021. During this special program we will present:

Winners of our Inclusion Essay Contest. Each year our Inclusion Committee has organized a contest in four of our local high schools. Prior to the Pandemic, applicants presented their projects focusing on highlighting our diverse community and how they helped students in their schools deal with issues of inclusion and exclusion. This year we adapted our competition to a written essay contest. The three winning essays will be presented during our program by the student or members of the Inclusion Committee.

Congratulations to to these outstandint students: 1st place – Sumaya Zahid – West Springfield High School; 2nd place – Jasmine Bui – West Springfield High School; 3rd place – Bilal Sranikzal – John Lewis High School.

During 2020-21, our branch earned Five Star status in a new AAUW prpgram. Our Co-President Judy Baldwin will describe the program and show how our branch was the fifth one in the state to achieve this honor. We are proud to announce that Virginia was the first state to achieve the AAUW Five Star Award for states.

Following our two presentations, our branch will have an Installation Ceremony for the newly elected branch officers. Co-Presidents – Cathie Boivin and Nancy Miller; Co-Program Vice Presidents – Irene McGhee and Ann Sauberman; Treasurer – Sharon Draper; and Secretary – Judy Baldwin (one year of an unexpired two year term).

The finale of this exciting program will be an opportunity for each of us to particiate in a discussion of some important AAUW issues. This will be our social time when we can interact with our friends and branch members.


Note: Our previously announced June speaker, Sara Shoob, a Smithsonian  docent, had to cancel due to family illness. We hope to reschedule her tour of the Smithsonian American Art Museum next year.

Irene McGhee and Ann Sauberman, Co-Program Vice Presidents


Meeting Recap from  May 20, 2021 

Thanks go out to our outstanding teacher panel members, Elizabeth Gibbons, Beth Woodley, Hannah Lockard, and Kathleen Jacoby, joined by Cristen Burk Henninger.  It was a frank and honest discussion of the pros and cons of teaching during the Pandemic as well as having to deal with the stresses Covid has put on family life. Our students are in good hands with these caring and creative women.


Want to help plan meetings for 2021-2022

Irene McGhee and Ann Sauberman would like to invite all interested branch members to our annual Program Planning Meeting to share ideas and suggestions for program presentations. It will be on Zoom on July 8, 2021. We would like as many of you as possible to participate and share a variety of options to fit our needs and to promote community involvement with our strategic goals for the 2021-2022 AAUW year. Please let us know if you are availaable and interested so we can send you a Zoom invitation. If you are unable to attend, please email us your ideas. We value your input! Hope to see you on July 8th.


Public Policy Updates

Getting Out the Vote:   This is another election year with all State House of Delegates positions up for grabs.   There will be non-partisan opportunities to help get out the vote by registering voters, sharing voting information with friends and on social media (we are exploring postcarding), and volunteering for candidate forums.  We will keep you posted.

Women Deserve Economic Security 

Closing the Gender Pay Gap.  There should be no doubt the gender pay gap is “math not myth.”  From the May 26, 2021 Washington Post Digest:

“Women made 84 percent of what men earned last year, according to a Pew Research Center report released Tuesday.  In other words, women in the United States would have to work an additional 42 days to pull in the same amount of money as mend did.  That gap remained unchanged from a year earlier, found Pew, which analyzed median hourly earnings for full- and part-time workers.  The pandemic economically devastated women in the United States, with nearly 2 million leaving the labor force altogether since February last year.  Many women also left their jobs to care for kids whose schools and day cares closed.”   (Emphasis added)

That same day, the Post on-line had an article, “There’s a Massive child-care worker shortage and the market can’t fix it.”  Here’s an excerpt:

“Parents of young children have had a rough pandemic, facing down closed playgrounds, closed pools and closed child-care centers. While states have largely opened up, these parents now face a knock-on crisis: Child-care programs are contending with massive and unprecedented staffing shortages, leading to fewer spots and long waiting lists. The rotten seed of America’s disinvestment in child care has finally sprouted, and without a new, permanent source of public funding, the sector is likely to crash and pull working families down with it. 

Child-care programs have long struggled with staffing because wages are so low: The national median is $11.65 an hour, and around half of programs don’t offer health insurance benefits. The current moment is an order of magnitude worse.”   (emphasis added)

Paid Family and Medical Leave is one important piece of AAUW’s gender equity program.  AAUW-VA has joined the Campaign for a Family, Friendly Economy, VA and will host a Public Policy Zoom meeting with the Campaign’s Director, Kristina Hagen on Wednesday, June 23 at 5:00 pm.  Please plan to join and find out what the Campaign is doing and how we can add AAUW-VA energy to this important effort in the coming year.

AAUW-VA will continue to be a part of the Virginia Campaign for Paid Sick Leave.  While there was modest progress this past legislative session, there is much more to do.

As we head into the summer, looking forward to dreaming about cicadas in love, instead of listening to them, we will be continuing our outreach to like-minded organizations and legislators to sustain and amplify a conversation about addressing these grave challenges to women.   Let’s do it for our members, daughters, daughters-in-law, grand-daughters, nieces and friends and neighbors.   We all know someone who has been adversely impacted by the pandemic.   Let’s plan to work together and raise our voices for equity!  We can’t do it without you!!

Susan Burk (and my trusted Co-Pilot, Denise Murden, Suffolk), Public Policy Chair, Springfield/Annandale Branch, Co-VP for Public Policy, AAUW-VA


Time for AAUW Membership Renewal

Each year on July 1, we renew our membership in AAUW. This year’s membership is $89 which includes Springfield/Annandale Branch dues, your state dues (AAUW of VA), and your national dues. Please pay ONLINE via the email link sent to you and charge the fee to your credit card (recommended method) OR send your check made out to Springfield/Annandale AAUW to our treasurer, Sharon Draper. You can find her address in the directory. Thank you for being prompt.  A membership remewal reminder was emailed out on June 1 to those members who had not yet renewed.

Shape the Future discounts are still available. For further details, contact Marcy Leverenz or Sharon Orenick.

Invite Your Friends

AAUW has always advocated for women and children in mission, public policy, advocacy, and education . This is good indeed.  Our AAUW strategic National Plan encourages us to be even more community minded in partnering our message to the public. So we are asking you to invite your friends and family in these Covid times to tune into our Zoom programs as our guests. Send their names and email addresses to Ann Sauberman or Irene McGhee and they will be sent a Zoom invitation. 

Readers’ Corner

The Evening Book Group will meet on June 3 at 7:00 pm via Zoom.  This month we are reading The Saturday Evening Girls’ Club by Jane Healey. Mary K. Johnson will review the book. We will also vote on selections for the coming year.

The Morning Book Group i will meet via Zoom at 10 am on June 10 to decide on books for next year.

Note: There is no scheduled combined book group meeting this summer. The Morning Book Group plans to host the group in August, 2021 when things  have returned to normal.

Keep reading!


Movie Discussion Group

 Our monthly movie date is June 16 at 12:30 pm. Bring your lunch and join us for a Zoom discussion of the movie “Amy Tan; Unintended Memoirs available on Netflix. From her painful past to her successful career after “The Joy Luck Club”, groundbreaking writer Amy Tan shares her life story in this documentary. This selection is chosen from the Asian American and Pacific Islander collection on Netflix.

Cathie Boivin and Ann Sauberman


Did You Know?

You can sign up now to start your free, online salary negotiation workshop. Just go to https://salary.aauw.org/ to begin.

AAUW Start Smart is designed for college women who are approaching the job market.

AAUW Work Smart is designed for women in the workforce at any career level


Presidents’ Notes

Judy Baldwin and Nancy Miller, Co-Presidents

Fellow Members

By now we have all received the email confirming the reelection of AAUW’s national board members, the approval of the public policy initiatives, and the rejection of removing the degree requirement for membership.  Thank you for voting in the national election.

Tonight I joined an AAUW zoom presentation on “The Criminalization of Black and Brown Girls”, sponsored by a coalition of women’s organizations in the Commonwealth. It was enlightening…and depressing. If you would like to watch a recording of it, go to this link: https://vanow.org/events/the-criminalization-of-black-and-brown-girls

For those of you interested in cimate change, you may wish to learn about a 501(c)(3) organization, Science Moms, who hope to inspire women to combat misinformation in their communities about climate change. Started by six climate scientists who are also mothers, they hope to enclist women to advance social change on attitudes toward climate. check out their work on http://Sciencemoms.org

You may be familiar with the actor Jack Black but do you know about his mother?  Judith Love Cohen was an American aerospace engineer who worked on the Minuteman missile and the Hubble Space Telescope, and helped create the Abort-Guidance systems that rescued the Apollo 13 astronauts, amont other accomplishments. After retirement, she started a publishing company and co-authored children’s books, a series “You can be a Woman….” to encourage very young girls to pursue STEM, and a “Green” series promoting positive environmental practices for young children.

Keep striving. Be proud of what women can accomplish!

Nancy Miller, Co-President



AAUW supports equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, and research.

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